From start to finish working with Hayley exceeded every expectation I had! Not only did she exceeded all my expectations but she delivered more than I could ask or think in a transaction coordinator. Her level of knowledge and service over delivered with every opportunity! She maintained a level Of professionalism and finesse that not only made my job easier but kept my clients at ease while maintaining a level of comfortability and organization for all parties involved! When using a transaction coordinator I look for efficiency, knowledge, experience, organization and A partner to help drive the transaction forward. Hayley did all of this and then some. From her professional website to her integrated systems this girl has it going on. I will never use another TC for my transactions again and all my clients request her by name. Once you do a transaction with Hayley you’ll wonder how you ever lived without her!

Stephanie Rosenfeld

I Highly recommend Hayley!! She is everything you could want + so much more in a TC. Her organized process is reliable and she is very knowledgeable about best practices and contract documents. She is an important part of my business that I am proud to share with my clients. Her custom website platform is functional, beautiful and a quick source for myself and clients to refer to during the escrow period. She gets the job done! Efficient, organized, professional and truly a pleasure to work with.

Jennifer Murphy

Hayley is fantastic to work with! She is incredibly versed in all aspects of a transaction, which makes for a smoother experience for all parties involved. Working with someone you can trust, who consistently performs above and beyond, is a breath of fresh of air. Hayley is consistently incorporating new ways to ensure a positive experience, which is complimented by her organized, detail-oriented and quick-thinking nature. By developing an impressive user-friendly website, clear and concise information is easily accessible prior, during and after escrow. Hayley is a wealth of knowledge and I am looking forward to many more transactions together!

Lauren Brener